JAL Software

This is now available in two versions
v0.46 and v2.

All the information on v2 is on this page including downloads.

Download of version of v0.46

JALcc Homepage.  Windows based Development Environment

JALss Software Simulator.

Look at the C Software Page for my favourite  software development tools

Digital Voltmeter including RS232 output & external HD44780 (8 bit) compatible LCD.

Digital frequency Meter 0 - 20.0 kHz.

Digital Thermometer with external HD44780 (4 bit) compatible LCD.

Up/Down 0 - 99999 Counter with a Programmable Pre-Set via RS232.

5 Digit BCD to seven segment display, featuring multiplexed input and programmable decimal points.

Digital Stopwatch with Start/Stop and Reset.  Displays up to 9 hours, 59 min & 59 sec.

External 4 Digit 7 Segment LED Driver with multiplexed outputs.

Adding additional 4 Digit 7 Segment LCD Display's  Using Lascar DDM-4.  (These can be cascaded.)

Graphics display drivers and demo programs for the Lascar DMX973
( 70 x 32) using EPSON SED1521.

Graphics display drivers and demo programs for the Lascar DMX973B
(100 x 32) using EPSON SED1530.
           USEFUL SITES

JAL List which is an E-mail forum - essential if you want to get the most out of JAL.

JAL List files.  Plenty of code examples.

Vasile Surducan - various sites.

Stef Mientki's site (Wrote JALcc and JALss).

Wouter van Ooijen site (Wrote JAL).