C Software

FED C Compiler from Forest Electronic Devices in the UK.  Also available applications generator (WIZ-C) and ICD. Lite version includes the 16F877.

CC5X from BKND.  Free download available.

CCS C Compiler & IDE.

PICC from HI-TECH.  Free download available PICC Lite.

Boost C (C2C) Compiler & IDE .  15 day time limited download available.

MPC C Compiler from Bytecraft.

MPLAB from Microsoft.  Development environment.  Not a compiler but CCS is included and some of the compilers integrated into it.
MPLAB v5.70.40 download here.
MPLAB v7.43 download here.

Digital Volt Meter & Display fuction written in Hi-Tech C.  -  UPDATED

4 to 20mA Current Loop reading -40C to +90C using mx+C extrapolation written in Hi-Tech C.

Stopwatch with a resolution of 100ms, displaying up to 59 mins & 59.9 sec.  Written in Hi-Tech C.

Display driver demo and ADC written with CC5X C Compiler (demo version) from BKD.

Graphics display drivers and demo programs for the Lascar DMX973B
(100 x 32 pixel) using EPSON SED1530.

Driver and demo program for the Lascar OEM4-LED (4 digit serial LED display).

Display driver demo and ADC written with CCS C Compiler.

Display driver demo and ADC written with FED PIC C Compiler.

Display driver demo and ADC written with C2C C Compiler.

Counter sampling over 10s and displaying result as units per minute.

Editor - UltraEdit can be integrated into MPLAB when using the Hi-Tech & CC5X Compilers.

Editor - PFE Free.


Version Control.

Software Checking - PC-Lint.

File manager ZTree.

Bootloader  Remember to use the 16F877 Version and NOT 16F877A.

Terminal Emulator.

Book - PIC C by Nigel Gardner, download for free.

Software Quality (TickIt).
           USEFUL SITES

Hi Tech FAQ.

Hi Tech discussion forum.

Best source of information on PIC's and C on the web by Shane Tolmie.

P. Anderson  Provides some source and sells tutorial.

Getting started article on FED Site.

Piclist.  Covers PIC things in general which includes C.

Good tutorial on using 877 with C.  The information was located on the site www.andrew.cmu.edu/usr/apangar/pic but the link is broken.  Download these four files L1, L2, L3 & L4.

Interesting source of CCS C programs.

A range of utilities using Hi Tech C.

Car Monitor & display in Hi Tech C.

Online book from Bytecraft.

Good tutorial on PIC using C for Hi Tec and CCS.